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Tournament Bracket Seedings

Seed #1 - Kingfish - 4 points, #1 seed after regular season

Seed #2 - Bucks - 4 points, #4 seed after regular season

Seed #3 - Loggers - 4 points, #4 seed after regular season

Seed #4 - Chinooks - 2 points, #2 seed after regular season

Seed #5 - Growlers - 2 points, #3 seed after regular season

Seed #6 - Rafters - 2 points, #6 seed after regular season

Seed #7 - Rox - 2 points, #7 seed after regular season

Seed #8 - Border Cats - 2 points, #10 seed after regular season

Tournament Reminders

- Home team is listed 1st for all pool play games.

- Pitch counts and game scores need to be reported to commissioners immediately following the games, within 2 hours, so that information can be updated and posted.  

- Pitching restrictions/days of rest are still in effect and enforced.   Players cannot pitch in 2 games in one day.   Days of rest do not reset for the tournament, they are based on the last day you pitched in the regular season.  

Blaine Area Little League Game Operations

The following are game operations for all league games:

1. The Home team will occupy the 3B Dugout, will make sure the bases are setup and tarp is removed and is placed away from play in a dugout. The home team is also the official scorer.

2. All warm ups must take place in the outfield area and all teams must be in their dugouts five minutes before scheduled game time ready to play. Coaches should meet for the pre-game conference with the umpire(s) at this time.

3. Each team must supply the umpire with a new baseball and also have a gently used baseball ready if it is needed. Teams are responsible for retrieving all foul balls.

4. Both teams are responsible for tracking pitches and must sign off on the opponents pitch totals at the conclusion of the game. Make sure both coaches have the same totals at the end of each inning to avoid issues at the end of a game. The home team is the official pitch tracker.

5. Teams must have an organized dugout to keep the game moving as we play with a time limit for all games. Make sure everyone knows the batting order and knows where they will play on defense every inning. You should have a coach assigned to this responsibility in your dugout.

6. No new inning begins after 1:30 minutes. A new inning begins at the time of the third out of the previous inning.  Last inning must be completed before 2 hours or score will revert back to previously completed inning. Teams need to hustle in and out after each inning. Make sure your catchers are ready to go at all times. There should be no more two minutes between innings if teams are hustling.

7. At the conclusion of your game shake hands with your opponent, clean up your dugout, and if you are having a post game meeting move it away from the field of play when another game is following.  Teams coming in need to have an opportunity to prepare for their game and setup their dugout.

8. Games will not start early unless both coaches and the umpires agree, but if a previous games goes past the scheduled start time the following games will start no more than 10 minutes following the previous game. Make sure to get warmed up away from the field of play so you are ready to go when its game time.

9. The home team is responsible for returning the bases to their previous place if it applies and for putting the tarp back on the mound if needed.

10. The final score and pitch tracking must be reported within 24 hours of the completion of the game so that all records are up to date. 


Nate Larsen