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MAJORS - Little League District Tournaments

June 18-30 – Little League Tournaments for MAJORS ONLY:

Majors will play in our B.A.L.L. league tournament (all B.A.L.L. teams) starting after the July 4th holiday. 

Minors and younger will play their regular schedules during the Majors' District Tournaments.

summer weekday workouts with the mn twins youth development team

Looking for something fun for your kids to do this summer?  Our response last year was so great, that we have decided to bring back our Summer Weekday Workouts with the Minnesota Twins Youth Development Team!

- 6 sessions: 6/12, 6/14, 6/19, 6/21, 6/26, 6/28

- Time: 9 am - 11 am

- Location: BBC2

- Cost: $145

- Ages: 8+

Click here to register:


Game # Date Field time Teams
1 2018-06-18 BBC2 6pm Orioles Orange (14) vs BALL Moon Dogs (0)
2 2018-06-18 BBC2 8pm BALL Chinooks (0) vs Orioles Black (10)
3 2018-06-18 BBC3 6pm Cardinal LL (4) vs BALL Express (1)
4 2018-06-20 BBC2 6pm Orioles Orange (8) vs BALL Growlers (3)
5 2018-06-20 BBC3 6pm Orioles Black (3) vs Cardinal LL (6)
6 2018-06-20 BBC2 8pm BALL Moon Dogs (20) vs BALL Chinooks (18)
7 2018-06-23 BBC2 10am BALL Express vs BALL Growlers
8 2018-06-23 BBC3 10am Orioles Black vs BALL Chinooks
9 2018-06-23 BBC2 12pm Winner Game 7 vs Winner Game 8
10 2018-06-23 BBC3 12pm Loser Game 7 vs BALL Moon Dogs
11 2018-06-25 BBC2 6pm Orioles Orange vs Cardinal LL
12 2018-06-25 BBC2 8pm Winner Game 9 vs Winner Game 10
13 2018-06-27 BBC2 6pm Winner Game 12 vs Loser Game 11
14 2018-06-30 BBC2 12pm Winner Game 11 vs Winner Game 13
15 2018-06-30 BBC2 2pm If game

Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser!

NEW - decertified USA Bats

Little League International has decertified the 30-Inch Easton Ghost X (-10) 2 5/8” (YBB18GX10 & LL18GHX). Please check to see if your child has this bat. More information:

IMPORTANT – 2018 Little League bat requirements, new bats needed!

We want to make you aware of a change in bat rules mandated by Little League International that will require you to buy new bats for play effective January 1, 2018. The bats are intended to provide a safer playing experience for our children.

All levels of Little League baseball are required to have a bat with the new 2018 USA Bat stamp on it. This is a mandate of Little League International.  Every district, every city, every Little League organization is required to follow this new bat standard.  This rule only applies to metal or composite bats.  1-piece wood bats are not required to have the 2018 USA Bat stamp on it.  

Little League International baseball bat information:

Northwoods League

Did you know that before Max Scherzer and Chris Sale were pitchers in the MLB, they played in the Northwoods League? Keep up on the Northwoods League online or catch a live game! Some of the teams are not too far away -- St. Cloud, Duluth, Willmar and Mankato, or even Madison, LaCrosse or Eau Claire! We are the only Little League to wear their colors and they love us - so if you go, be sure to let the teams know. You might just get on the field with the big guys! 

Trusted Coaches

Blaine Area Little League is a member of the Trusted Coaches program, which offers comprehensive training, education and screening necessary for a youth coach via a nationwide criminal background check‚ first-aid training, concussion instruction and Positive Coaching Alliance Double-Goal Coach® character education course. 

All Blaine Area LIttle League coaches will be required to complete the Trusted Coaches program. You may be familiar with Trusted Coaches if you participate in other youth sports, as several Blaine and Spring Lake Park area organizations are members. Coaches who complete the mandatory online training are committed to safe and healthy development of young athletes, emotionally and phyically. We are pleased to bring this program to Blaine Area Little League and welcome any feedback you may have on this positive coaching program. 
Blaine Area Little League 
Field Locations
AP = Airport Park -- 2130 105th Ave NE
BBC = Blaine Baseball Complex — 1150 Paul Parkway 
CE = Carrera East — 13129 Eldorado Street 
HA = Happy Acres — 11900 - 7th Street 
Ivy Hills — 12197 Fergus Street 
JEFF = Jefferson — 12833 Jefferson Street 
LLN = Little League North — 730 - 113th Avenue 
LLS = Little League South — 730 - 113th Avenue 
Mary Elizabeth — 8630 Eldorado Street 
NW = Northwood — 12047 Oak Park Boulevard 
OSE = Ostmans East — 1200 - 130th Lane 
OSW = Ostmans West — 1200 - 130th Lane 
QE = Quincy East — 10601 Quincy Blvd  
QW = Quincy West — 10601 Quincy Blvd  
Westwood — 8819 Able Street 
Xylite — 9033 Xylite Street

Commissioners for 2018

Chris Bentrott

Prep Commissioner

Teri Charest

Majors Commissioner

Phone: 612-518-9086

Nate Larsen

Minors Commissioner

Jeff Cich

9s Rookies Commissioner

Ben Neiger

8s Developmental Commissioner

Rhonda Hlavinka

7s Developmental Commissioner

Terra Favilla

5/6 Instructional Commissioner


Thank you for visiting the home of the Blaine Area Little League. We serve between 700-800 youth athletes annually from ages 5 to 19. We are affiliated with Little League International and provide opportunities to anyone who wants to play, loves the game and wants to develop their skills. 

Mailing Address

PO Box 490781, Blaine, MN 55449


Please send us an email at link below. Include a phone number or email and we will respond to questions within 48 hours.

You can also contact us through our Facebook page.

Information Coordinator

Information Coordinator